I'm a photographer and climber based in Sheffield (UK), right on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

I specialise in images of wild landscapes, the nature that lives there, and the way people interract with them.

Since childhood, I've been obsessed with the outdoors, and the link was forged most strongly through rock climbing as a teenager - read more on the vision page. Over the years I've travelled widely, both to climb and to photograph, but I find the depth of work that can be created on your home patch can be just as rewarding. The Peak District is a great place to live and work, after fifteen years here it still has secrets to reveal, and unique moments to capture. You can follow my travels around the Peak, the Uk and elsewhere on the blog.

You can search the Image Library on the Archive page.



Press (UK): Climb, Climber, Summit, The Times, UKClimbing

Press (World): Blok (Netherlands), Rock (Australia), Vertical (Europe), Wild (Australia),

NGOs: The BMC, John Muir Trust, The National Trust.

Commercial: Beyond Hope, DMM, Evolv, Great Orme Copper Mines, Ground Up, Hammer Design, Metolius, Rotovision, Spanset, Vertebrate Graphics, Wild Country.

To see examples of my work in print, see the Commercial gallery.