Rope Access

I like variety in my life, and whilst building up my photography business, I've also worked in rope access, a relatively new trade which applies climbing and caving techniques to industrial environments.

I'm qualified to Supervisor and Instructor level in Rope Access (Irata Level 3/T), with my involvement in Rope Access now mostly confined to teaching, plus the odd 'interesting' job. If you're interested in learning, Aide Jebb and I run IRATA courses in Sheffield at our own 12m high, all weather venue -

My Rope Access skills are also regularly pressed into use on photography assignments to get some pretty unique angles!

Technical writing: my first 'real' job on leaving University was employed on a research contract by Lyon Equipment Ltd. The work, commisioned by the Health and Safety Executive, led to the publication of a 30,000 word report which remains the most source of technical information for rope access worldwide:

Industrial Rope Access ~ Investigation into items of personal protective equipment
(HSE CRR 364/ 2001 ISBN 0-7176-2091-3

The publication of this report helped cement Rope Access' coming of age as a respected work method.

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