We have an extensive archive of images available for use. As no personal archive can be as extensive as a commercial stock provider, its worth knowing what areas the archive has good coverage, and which search terms work best.

search the image library

Note: the library is hosted seperately to the main site. Searches open in a new window (or tab).

As of December 2009, the library is in its infancy. Images are being added every week, and we hope to have the full catalogue available during 2010.


We have particularly good library coverage of the following:

Landscapes: Peak District National Park,

Rock Climbing (Uk), especially Pennine Gritstone, both trad and bouldering

Top Uk Rock Climbers - Ben Bransby, Leo Houlding, James McHaffie, Sam Whittaker

Nature: Peak District flora and fauna,


Names and descriptive terms work best - eg Stanage/ bouldering/ Bransby, or Flora/ Orchids/ Pyramidal Orchid/ Anacamptis pyramidalis.

Vague terms such as peaceful or extreme will have less useful results. It helps to know what you are looking for!

When the full archive is online we'll add a full list of keywords

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